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Full Function Veterinary HCU without Compromise

Sonoscape has developed a full function portable color Doppler system, PIX, used for veterinary application. This system supports diagnosis and measurement in Fertilization, Cardiology, Abdomen, and Superficial organs. Besides, this system features user-friendly ergonomic designs, powerful workflow and professional veterinary packages. For ergonomic designs,PIX configures with built-in Li-ion battery, slim trolley and abundant interfaces, like USB2.0, DICOM etc. The veterinaries will be more confident for daily practicing with the professional veterinary software packages, specialized examination modes and bodymarks, expert veterinary transducers.



Professional Design for Veterinary Use

  1. More than 50 kinds specialized veterinary body marks
  2. User-definable veterinary exam modes applicable for small and large animal
  3. Professional veterinary high density linear for endocavity reproductive and superficial application
  4. Phased array and micro-convex transducer for abdominal and cardiac application
  5. Powerful veterinary measurement packages, such as cardiac, obstetrics and gynecology, etc.


Main Features:

  1. 15-inch LCD monitor
  2. Standard two transducer sockets
  3. CFM, PDI, PW, CW, Color M mode
  4. ECG module, High Pulse Repetition Frequency
  5. Tissue Harmonic Imaging, Multiple frequency
  6. Compounding Imaging
  7. Trapezoid Imaging  
  8. 3D Reconstruction Imaging
  9. One button optimization(M-Tuning)
  10. DICOM 3.0 USB port, VGA, S-video
  11. Professional VET transducers: High density linear, high frequency phased array and Micro-convex

Outstanding Ergonomic Design

  1. Special design suit case for outfield transportation
  2. High capacity, built-in Li-ion battery with one hour continuous scanning 
  3. 2 transducer sockets compatible with most Color Doppler transducers of Sonomed

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