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Best Choice for Veterinarians

SonoMed is a high-tech company that specializes in manufacturing and developing ultrasound systems and transducers. Supported by

numerous innovative technologies, SonoMed introduces A8V as a professional portable ultrasound system for veterinary applications.

  1. Elegant outline, only 6kg weight and optional mobile trolley, A8V creates a comfortable working environment.
  2. 12″angle adjustable LCD, two transducer sockets, A8V minimizes your working fatigue.
  3. Premium B/W ultrasound technologies, abundant software packages and professional veterinary transducers, A8V assists you in reaching new heights in veterinary applications.


Thanks to the cutting edge technologies, A8V represents our latest designing concept of making easy-to-use ultrasound system in elegant compact design.

  1. Graphic Exam Icon: easy to get into exam interface
  2. Anti-glare LCD monitor: displaying uncompromising crystal clear imaging either from distance or in the sunshine
  3. One Button quick operation: One-key image optimization, Save, Report, Print, File, Comment, Patient, THI, Clipboard and 9 quick keys for reproductive measurements
  4. Five kinds of veterinary body mark: Canine, Feline, Equine, Bovine and Ovine
  5. Reliable veterinary design: strengthened case, anti-dust and anti-splash control panel

To be a HCU dedicated to veterinary applications, A8V makes the ultrasound diagnosis much more reliable and efficient.

  1. Veterinary measurement and calculation software packages: early pregnancy diagnosis, cardiac diagnosis, general abdominal diagnosis, reproductive evaluation, meat quality evaluation
  2. Extensive veterinary applications: Canine, Feline, Equine, Bovine and Ovine
  3. Professional veterinary transducers: anti-corrosion cable surface, 3 meters cable length, 12MHz Linear transducer and 6.5MHz micro-convex transducer

Battery supports at least one hour scanning

    • Super documentation abilities: USB storage, PDF report, AVI/JPEG, DICOM3.0, etc.

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